Political logo design ideas

Whether you’re running for school president, city mayor, or a government position, you need a political logo that can rally people together and make your name stand out. And when you combine an effective campaign with a stunning political logo, you’re in good shape!

Before you start customizing your own logo to reflect your personality and values, check out the below examples for design inspiration. Then head to My Free Logo Maker to create a custom, professional-looking logo that’s ready for the campaign trail.

Political logo design inspiration

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A great political logo is all in the details

Color palette

If your color palette hasn’t been pre-determined by the political party or organization you’re a part of, then you have the freedom to customize a palette that suits your values and personality. For example, if you’re a champion of environmental initiatives, green and white might work perfectly. But if you’re a young and modern agent for change, vibrant and trendy colors matched with black or white might better catch your audience’s eye.



Selecting the perfect symbol for a political logo can be difficult because there are so many options to choose from, especially if you’re not already affiliated with a political party or organization. For example, a raised fist is a common choice because it symbolizes the power of the people. But an abstract symbol could also be very eye-catching.



A political logo should appear professional and confident, so you’ll likely want to stay away from serif or script fonts. Instead, try a modern sans-serif font and experiment with the weight and size in your logo — for example, your first name in a regular weight and your last name in bold. You might be surprised how much the slightest change can impact the look and feel of your design.

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