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As a graphic designer you know the value of a high-quality, eye-catching design. It can make or break your business. Build trust or turn customers away. That’s why it’s critical your graphic design business is represented with a stunning logo, one that adds to your credibility as a creative professional and helps you stand out from your competitors.

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Graphic Design logo design inspiration

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Graphic design logo tips

Color palette

Your color palette can express your business personality and style. If you specialize in edgy, modern graphic design then you might want to choose a vibrant color combo like hot pink and black. But if the corporate world is more your jam, a sophisticated navy-and-white combo might be more fitting. Experiment with all kinds of combinations to see what feels right for your business and target clientele.



The easiest way to get started with a symbol is to consider the name of your business. If your graphic design company is called FrogLeaf Design, then a frog or leaf (or a frog on a leaf), might be a natural choice. But don’t feel constrained to symbols directly related to your name. An abstract image or geometric shape might be just the thing your logo needs to come alive!


Your typography can communicate a lot about your graphic design business – traditional vs. modern, edgy vs. elegant…you get the idea. If you want to convey bold confidence, consider a heavy, all-caps font. For a classy, modern look, try a lighter sans-serif font. If you’re not sure where to start, check out logos from other graphic design businesses! Then start generating ideas in our logo maker and see how different typography styles can change the look and feel of your logo.

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