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Trucking is a big business with lots of competition, so whether your business builds trucks, sells trucks, drives trucks, or loads trucks, you need an eye-catching logo that builds awareness and trust for your brand.

If you’re looking for a truck logo that looks great on business cards, signage, or the side of a vehicle, look no further. Get inspiration from other truck logos below, then use My Free Logo Maker to start generating ideas of your own.

Truck logo design inspiration

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Color palette

When it comes to truck logos, the most common color palette is black and white because it’s easy to read and looks great on pretty much every color of background. But you shouldn’t feel constrained to black and white — a dash of color is likely to stand out and be more memorable to all who see it.


The most common symbol for a trucking business is, well, a truck. But don’t limit yourself! In fact, opting for a completely different symbol might actually help your business stand out among a sea of trucks. For example, if you are a trucking company that transports fresh produce across the country, you might consider adding a fruit or vegetable to your logo. Or, if you’re a delivery service that prides itself on speediness, you could try a stopwatch or lightning bolt.



Your typography can add a unique style to your truck logo design. For example, if your business specializes in restoring old-fashioned trucks, you might consider a combination of two fonts: one traditional and one modern. Or, if you sell audio systems for long-haul trucking companies, you could try a bold, all-caps font to communicate the loud sound customers can expect from the speakers. Just remember two keys to winning typography: it should be relevant to your business and easy to read in any setting.

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