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Lawn care can be a student’s very first business, dragging a rusty old push mower from door to door. It can also be a thriving industry where customers pay top dollar for expert lawn care for their home or business. Regardless of your level of experience or business goals, an attractive, professional-quality logo can increase credibility and attract customers.

If you need a high-quality logo design, the kind you’d expect from a graphic designer, we’ve got just the thing. Our free online logo maker takes your company name and basic design preferences and generates custom logo ideas for your business. All you have to do is pick the one you like best and start editing!

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Color palette

As you may have guessed, green is the most popular color for lawn care logos because it typically makes people think of growth and nature. This (in combination with your symbol and business name) helps prospective customers quickly understand what your business does. Thankfully, there are many shades of green to choose from. And if you prefer not to follow the crowd with green, try out a few other vibrant colors like pink, red, or yellow. Lawn care often goes hand in hand with landscaping, so a nod to flowers could be perfect.



Your symbol helps prospective customers understand what your business is all about. Popular choices for lawn care are grass, a lawn mower, or a tractor mower. Not sure you even want a symbol? No problem. There are plenty of lawn care logos out there that focus on the name rather than a symbol. If you choose to go this route, we typically recommend making sure your name includes a specific descriptor like “lawn care” or “landscaping services.”


Certain fonts can feel more dated than others. And when it comes to lawn care logos, it’s generally best to have a current feel. An older style logo (with serif or script font) may give the impression that your equipment is old, too. Instead, try a sans-serif font. This will give your logo a clean, simple, and more modern feel. Try different weights and sizes of fonts in our easy editor to see which one fits your vision!

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