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You know the moment you performed a new song and your band looked at each other in awe and silence? That’s when it all clicked and you decided to bring the dream to life. Designing your band logo should be no different. 

Your logo will be the face of your band — painted on the side of your van, emblazoned on fan t-shirts. It can be as fun and bright or dark and moody as your music. Not sure where to start? Check out some design inspiration from big-name bands, then use our free logo maker to generate unique logo ideas. Find one you like, and tweak every detail until it’s just right for your band — and your fans.

Band logo design inspiration

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Band logo design tips

Color palette

Your choice of color should reflect the personality of your band. Many heavy metal bands choose black and white, while some country artists opt for brown or orange. Whichever combination you choose, it should feel like a natural extension of your music. To get started, create color combos yourself with our easy logo maker — you can even see how the colors come to life on the t-shirts your fans will soon be wearing!


Are you a pop band with a lot of love songs? Try including a stylized or abstract heart. Punk band with a lot of doom and gloom? Skulls are always popular. Pick a symbol your band can relate to and your fans will be attracted to. You can try out as many symbols as you like to see what resonates with your band. Need some ideas to start? Our logo generator can help you narrow your options to some truly epic symbols.


Whether you’re including initials, a slogan, or the name of your band, your typography is a critical piece of your logo. Fonts can be gentle and calming or bold and statement-making — it all depends on your style of music! Try serif vs sans-serif fonts to see what suits your band logo best.

Perfect your band logo

Use My Free Logo Maker to generate logo ideas. Then run with your favorite and customize it until you know you’ve got a hit!

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Our online logo generator works like a virtual designer and helps you see tons of ideas for layouts, colors, symbols, and fonts.

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Customize and tweak every detail of your logo until you’re 100% happy with the design. There’s no limit on time or revisions.

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You don’t pay a cent to download your logo package, which includes PNG and vector files. Start using your logo in minutes. It’s that easy!

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