This agreement is between you (the “User” or “you”) and My Free Logo Maker Inc. (“My Free Logo Maker”, or “we”). We provide Users with access to our platform that enables Users to create and manage the End Products (as defined below). These services may be provided through personalized or generalized designs, interaction services or content (collectively, the “Services”) through https://www. or any of My Free Logo Maker’s associated Online Platform (the “Site”) or directly from My Free Logo Maker and its representatives. By inputting any details, initiating a design process, or using any other content within our Site you confirm your obligation to comply with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and any other guidelines posted on the Site. If you do not agree with all of the provisions of this Agreement, you cannot use the Services. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the content of this agreement.

1. Our Logos and Other Designs
a. Platform Purpose – My Free Logo Maker provides an online platform that assists to create and manage various design assets. Users can use My Free Logo Maker’s service to create and customize their own logo and other branded items products, such as “branding packages”, “logos”, “brand guidelines”, “letterheads” and “business cards” (collectively, the “End Products” or “ByProducts”).

b. Paid Designs –In order to download and/or use your End Products outside of the Site, whether for commercial or personal use, you must pay the Fee stated on the Site. You may not use any of My Free Logo Maker’s End Products outside of the Site, whether for commercial or personal use, without paying all applicable and respective Fees in advance. This includes both digital and physical use of the End Products. Please carefully review Section ‎4 below for additional information.

c. Unpaid Designs – Throughout the process of design, My Free Logo Maker may show the User different designs and/or design concepts, however the User has no right or license to use or copy any of the designs other than the final one once it is paid for. This final design will be shown and available for download in the User’s Account. Throughout the process My Free Logo Maker will also make use of certain symbols, colors, fonts and other design elements (collectively known as “Design Resources”) that may or may not be used to design the user’s End Product. You may not use any of these Design Resources individually.

d. Third Party Design Resources – You may use purchased End Products outside of the Site, whether for commercial or personal purposes. Prior to creating and using any End Product, My Free Logo Maker highly recommends you to perform due diligence to determine that the use of the Design Resources is free of any adverse claims and is not subject to any third party rights. My Free Logo Maker may also use symbols provided by The Noun Project, a third party content provider that obtains the symbols from other third party contributors. All use of these Symbols is AT YOUR OWN RISK. You shall abide by all copyright notices, trademark rules, and shall not use, copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, perform, upload, display, license, sub-license, rent, lend, assign, gift, sell or otherwise transfer or distribute for any purposes whatsoever any portion of the Design Resources not owned by you: (i) without the express prior written consent of the respective owners or (ii) in any way that violates any third party right. You acknowledge that some fonts and symbols used during the Design Process might have been licensed from a third party provider. Under no circumstances will My Free Logo Maker be liable in any way for any Design Resources, including, but not limited to, for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any Materials or any part thereof. You agree that you must evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use of any Design Resources, including, without limitation, the existence of any third party rights that may exist in such resources.

e. Information – Throughout the use of the Site by the User, My Free Logo Maker may request the User to input information or answer questions in order to create the End Products (the “Design Process”). My Free Logo Maker may use this information as detailed in My Free Logo Maker’s privacy policy available at https://My Free Logo Maker.com/privacy/.

f. Use of My Free Logo Maker Branding and Design – All of My Free Logo Maker designs that appear throughout the Design Process, as well as trademarks and service marks, logos, slogans and taglines, are the property of My Free Logo Maker. Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, nothing should be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademarks, service marks, logos, slogans or taglines displayed on the Site which are the property of My Free Logo Maker (the “Materials”). Any use of the Materials for any purpose other than as specifically permitted herein or without our prior consent or the prior written consent of our licensors, as applicable, is expressly prohibited. We reserve all rights not expressly granted in this Agreement.

g. Make Logo changes and redownload – Any paid logo will be entitled to a 72 hour grace period where any errors on logo creation may be made on the Site and the paid logo may be regenerated and redownload under the purchased terms. After the grace period, each logo is entitled to free revisions with the purchase of a Premium or Enterprise package (as long as it applies to the same company name), which can be activated by contacting My Free Logo Maker’s customer support team. Paid logos may be downloaded at any time from the Site; however, My Free Logo Maker does not keep copies of any revisions, and the logo may only be downloaded as it appears on the Site.

2. Accessing your My Free Logo Maker account

a. Account Access – During the Design Process, we will provide you with access credentials to a personal account on the Site (the “Account”), thereby allowing you access to the designs using one computer at a time through the Site.

b. Account Information – You agree to fully and accurately provide the information requested by us when setting up your Account and to regularly update such information. Your failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your Account and loss of previously purchased End Products and/or future Services. You further agree (a) not to provide User IDs to anyone who is not your employee, and (b) to ensure that all individuals permitted to use the User IDs are aware of and have agreed in writing to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

c. Product Information – Throughout the Design Process you will be providing information to create your End Product, and you are legally responsible for all information that is used to create your End Product. My Free Logo Maker is not responsible for the content you provide, neither as to the End Product nor as to the Account. You are solely responsible for the accuracy and appropriateness of all data and content of your End Products, logos and brands; including name, taglines and details. My Free Logo Maker will not be held responsible for inaccurate information or any potential damages caused by such inaccuracies. You further understand that My Free Logo Maker may not maintain copies of files featuring these designs and may decline at any stage a request to change information.

d. Hosting – You hereby grant My Free Logo Maker a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to host the designs created and warrant that you have all the rights necessary to grant us such license. You are responsible for any content and/or End Products that may be lost or unrecoverable through your use of the Services. You are encouraged to back up your End Products regularly and frequently.

3. User responsibilities

a. Legality of Activity – You accept sole responsibility for all of your activities using our Site, including content you submit or share via My Free Logo Maker’s Design Process. You will not use our Services for any illegal purpose. You are responsible for ensuring you do not violate the laws of your jurisdiction, including but not limited to copyright, IP, trademark, design patent and related laws. My Free Logo Maker may determine in its sole discretion whether or not an Account is in violation of any of its policies. Violation of any of these policies may result in User information tracking with such information being stored to identify the offending user. Offending User may be permanently restricted from holding an account or using the Services. If My Free Logo Maker reasonably determines that your Account is being used for illegal or fraudulent activity, then your Account may be immediately terminated. We may also report you to law enforcement officials in the appropriate jurisdictions.

b. General – In addition, you agree to all of the following:

1. You hereby confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and will not use My Free Logo Maker Service or End Products for any unlawful purposes or to conduct any unlawful acts, including fraud, embezzlement, money laundering or to impersonate another person.

2. You will not access the Services through automated means or use the Services if you are located in a country embargoed by the U.S., or are on the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals.

3. You will not imply or claim that you are affiliated with or endorsed by My Free Logo Maker without our express written permission.

4. You will not access the Services or the Account by any means other than through the interfaces provided by My Free Logo Maker and you will not attempt to or actually override or sabotage our security. In addition you will not attempt or engage in any action that directly or indirectly interferes with the proper working of or places an unreasonable load on My Free Logo Maker infrastructure.

5. You agree that My Free Logo Maker shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any sort, directly or indirectly, incurred as a result of using or clicking any third party links appearing on our Site.

6.You will not create End Products using My Free Logo Maker that are: pornographic, sexually explicit, violent, reasonably likely to cause harm, or that could be reasonably considered as slanderous or libelous.

4. Fees and Taxes

a. General – Certain My Free Logo Maker Services may be subject to payment of fees, one-time or subscription, as determined by My Free Logo Maker in its sole discretion and notified in relation to such Services (“Fee(s)” or “Paid Tool(s)”). If you wish to use these Paid Tools, or use any of My Free Logo Maker’s End Products outside of the Site, whether for commercial or personal use, you are required to pay all applicable and respective Fees in advance. If you purchase any Services or End Products that we offer for a Fee, you agree to My Free Logo Maker or our third party service providers, storing and updating your payment card information. You expressly agree (i) that we are authorized to charge you (A) the stated Fee, (B) any other Fees for Services you may purchase, and any applicable taxes in connection with your use of the Services to the payment card you provide and (ii) to reimburse us for all collection costs and interest for any overdue amounts.

b. Fee Changes – You understand that additional services or End Products that may be introduced in the future may be subject to additional fees. You further acknowledge and approve that My Free Logo Maker reserves the right to change its Fees at any time, at its sole discretion, upon notice to you if such changes affect your existing subscription. If you received a discount for a subscription fee, or any other promotional offer for a subscription fee, My Free Logo Maker shall have the right to renew your subscription automatically and without further notice at the full applicable Fee.

c. One Time Fee & Refunds – One time End Product fees are non-refundable. If a User has reason to believe that they were charged in error, they may provide a written notice to our Customer Support and request to cancel their Fee. When eligible, Fee cancellation can be performed by Customer Support only up to a period of 7 days from the Fee payment date, and only if the End Products associated with the Fee have not been downloaded or used outside of the Site, whether for commercial or personal use (“One Time Fee Refund Period”). We will not cancel Fees after that time or after an End Product has been downloaded or used outside of the My Free Logo Maker Site. Eligibility to cancel a Fee will be assessed by our Customer Support team based on a number of factors, including, without limitation, violations to our Terms of Service and improper usage of the My Free Logo Maker platform.

d. Subscription Fee & Refunds – If you are dissatisfied with any My Free Logo Maker Service subject to a Subscription Fees, whether monthly or annual, you may cancel your subscription and provide our Support team with a written request for a refund within Seven (7) days of having paid the initial Fee (“Subscription Refund Period”) as long as no design files created using the Service have been downloaded or used outside the platform. If you are a customer residing in a jurisdiction that requires a different Refund Period, we will be happy to accommodate these requirements in accordance with applicable laws. If My Free Logo Maker’s customer support team receives the refund notice during the Subscription Refund Period, you will be refunded with the amount you paid for the Service and My Free Logo Maker will cancel these Services accordingly. After the Subscription Refund Period, the Fees paid by you are non-refundable and non-cancellable. In addition, if we find that any End Products associated with the Fee have been downloaded or used outside of the Site, whether for commercial or personal use, and/or that the notice of cancellation has been given in bad faith or in an illegitimate attempt to avoid payment for services actually received and used, we reserve our right to charge the User who provided such notice for any My Free Logo Maker Services actually received, as permitted by law.

e. Taxes and Currencies – All Fees on the My Free Logo Maker Platform shall be in U.S. Dollars, except when and as specifically stated otherwise in writing by My Free Logo Maker. You have full and sole responsibility for all taxes and fees of any nature associated with our fees and services, including any sales tax related to the purchase or sale of Services and/or End Products. When buying Services and/or End Products, it is your responsibility to decide whether or not sales taxes apply to a sale and to report and remit the correct amounts to the appropriate authority. My Free Logo Maker shall not be liable for any taxes or other fees to be paid in accordance with or related to the Services and/or End Products. Any tools provided in connection with the Services indicating estimated taxes due are for illustration purposes only. You take full responsibility for all taxes and fees of any nature associated with the Services, including any sales tax related to the purchase or sale of Service and/or the End Products. My Free Logo Maker may be required to collect Value Added Tax of the European Union (“EU VAT”) from non-taxable EU customers, therefore, EU VAT shall be charged to these customers on top of our Fees if applicable.

f. Subscription Renewals – In order to make sure that you will not experience interruption of My Free Logo Maker’s Subscription Services due to cancellation lapse of any subscription period, My Free Logo Maker will try to automatically renew all applicable Subscription Services before it might expire for a renewal period that is equal in time to the original subscription period and/or the updated renewal period we have on file for you, for such Services, annually or monthly, and automatically charge and collect from you the applicable Fees using the payment method you have on file with My Free Logo Maker (“Renewal Period”). In order to insure no interruptions or loss of services, My Free Logo Maker reserves the right (but will not be obligated) to collect and charge for the upcoming renewal period up to one (1) week prior to such Renewal Period commences. In the event that My Free Logo Maker fails to collect the Fees owed by the User, we may in our sole and absolute discretion (but shall not be obligated to) try to collect at a later time, or block or cancel your User Account, with no further notice. Without derogating any of the foregoing. You shall be solely responsible to ensure a successful renewal of the My Free Logo Maker Services you use. Accordingly, the User shall hold the sole responsibility for any discontinuation of any My Free Logo Maker Services previously purchased by them, including due to a cancellation and/or failure to collect the applicable Fees, or due to any My Free Logo Maker Services not being under our automatic subscription renewals feature. The User acknowledges and agrees that they shall not have any claims or demands against My Free Logo Maker with relation to a discontinuation of any My Free Logo Maker Services or Third Party Services associated with My Free Logo Maker, for whatever reason.

g. Chargebacks – If the User rejects the charge of the payable Fees (“Chargeback”), the action shall be considered a breach of the User fee payment obligations, and their use of the My Free Logo Maker Services may be automatically suspended and/or terminated. In such case, My Free Logo Maker reserves the right to block the User Account without any option to repurchase or re-use it, and any end files and/or data contained in such User Account, including any unfinalized or finalized Designs. Access to the User account shall not be regranted until the User pays any applicable Fees owing in full. If the User has any questions