Healthcare logo design ideas

We often associate the quality of a product or service with the logo. That’s why it’s so important that your healthcare business — be it a hospital, nursing home, naturopath clinic, or health not-for-profit — has a high-quality logo. It helps attract clients and build trust in your brand.

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Healthcare logo design inspiration

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Healthcare logo design tips

Color palette

When it comes to healthcare colors, red and white are the industry leaders. But that doesn’t mean they’re right for your business. Red is often associated with emergencies, something a midwife may want to avoid at all costs! When considering your color palette, think about the emotions you’d like your patients to feel. Calm and peaceful? Blue and white might be perfect. Young and vibrant? Try green or orange.




Many symbols are commonly used to represent health – a cross, tree of life, stethoscope, bandaid, heart, etc. And in more recent years, as the healthcare industry has undergone digital transformation, it’s become more common to see modern, abstract symbols in healthcare. If you’re not sure which direction to go in, let our logo generator do the heavy lifting! Input your industry and see beautiful custom logo ideas come to life.


As with all industries, it’s important that your healthcare logo is easy to read. So whether it’s on the side of a poster, a website, or a business card, your logo design should be clear and recognizable. While you’ll find healthcare logos with all manner of typography, we usually recommend keeping your design clean and simple and with an easy-to-ready sans-serif font.

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