Airline logo ideas

Whether you’re a commercial airline, a private pilot, or a business that serves the airline industry, you need a logo that stands out from your competition and adds credibility to your business. The best airline logos provide a sense of familiarity, excitement, and trust. 

There are many options for color palettes — bold and vibrant, muted and professional, and more. So before you decide on your own airline logo, get design inspiration from other airlines and aviation businesses and see what resonates with yours. Then, start designing a logo for free! 

Airline logo design inspiration

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Airline logo design tips

Color palette

You might notice that many major airlines use red and blue for their airline logo. These colors evoke confidence and trust – both necessities for air travel. But you could also consider brighter, warmer colors associated with tropical destinations. Or try experimenting with dark or vivid colors in your airline logo design — the possibilities are endless!


A plane is the obvious symbol choice for an airline logo, but wings, birds, feathers are also excellent options. Or for something more subtle, try an arrow with an upward trajectory or your own unique version of a globe. Regardless of the symbol you choose, your airline logo should represent the service you offer and help customers or travelers recognize your business in an instant.


An airline logo should be easy to recognize from a mile away. Most airline logos use sans-serif fonts, as they’re typically clear and easy to read. You might also consider using a bold, all-caps wordmark to show confidence to your customers. Try all kinds of fonts and styles with My Free Logo Maker — and keep tweaking your logo design until you’re 100% satisfied!

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