Food logo ideas

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, food truck aficionado, or a caterer, your customers will associate your food with your brand. Which means you need an eye-catching logo that will attract a hungry audience! Your logo should make it easy for customers to discern what type of food you serve, and it should be easy to remember! After all, you don’t want one time customers – you want regulars.

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Food logo design inspiration

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Food logo design tips

Color palette

Did you know that certain colors have been proven to increase appetite? Red, yellow, and orange all have the power to flip the hunger switch in a customer’s mind (and stomach). That’s why many famous fast food restaurants incorporate one of more of these colors into their logos. But you don’t have to use red to attract customers. Do you specialize in healthy organic food? Earthy green and brown might be perfect for you! Or maybe you own an ice cream truck with unique and fun flavors – you might want to consider a fun pastel color palette.


When it comes to food, symbols with a direct link to your food are best. Try choosing a symbol that reflects your food speciality – noodle bowls, burgers, tacos, caviar, whatever! Not feeling it? You could try an abstract or animal symbol, too. Your symbol helps your business attract the right customers by making it easy for people to understand what you serve. And really, nobody wants to waltz into a fancy Italian restaurant expecting a casual burger and fries!


Different fonts can imply different experiences, so your typography should reflect the atmosphere of your space and your style of food. Do you specialize in formal Saturday night dinner experiences? A light and elegant script font might be perfect. Or maybe you own casual comfort food Fridays? A sans-serif block font might be better. Regardless of your font choice, you can completely customize it using our easy editor. Experiment with different weights and shadows, and see how the font looks in combination with your colors and symbol.

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