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In general, all hotel guests want the same thing: a refreshing, positive experience at a clean and modern hotel. Your hotel logo can help instill confidence that your hotel will deliver just that! A strong hotel logo not only attracts new guests but provides a sense of familiarity and comfort to returning visitors.

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Hotel logo design tips

Color palette

Your color palette can be used to communicate the core values or selling features of your hotel. For example, if your target audience is corporate higher-ups looking for a premium business trip experience, you may want to consider a black, white, and gold logo to convey professionalism and prestige. But if your hotel is very modern and caters to travelers looking for unique experiences, try a bold and unconventional palette like pink, blue, and yellow. As a general rule, we recommend including no more than three colors in your hotel logo.


The symbol you choose for your hotel logo will become a key visual for your business. Be sure to select one that represents your hotel’s personality and mission. If your hotel offers luxurious spa services, you might consider incorporating a nature-related symbol like a leaf, tree, or flower. But if you claim that your hotel offers the most comfortable beds in the city, a bed or pillow could be a better fit. Don’t worry if a clear theme doesn’t come to mind! Many hotels opt for a simple abstract symbol or even a standalone wordmark.


When it comes to a hotel, brand awareness is everything. You need travelers to see and recognize your logo from a distance (like on a road sign or billboard) as well as up close (like on hotel letterhead or bathrobes). There are successful hotel chains with all manner of font styles, so there’s no one standard to follow. Serif or sans serif, block letters or script – all could work well in your logo! Experiment with different styles and preview how they look on signs, stationery and more.

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