What you get

Everything you need in one totally free logo package (with a few extras thrown in).


Free Logo + Brand Package


Here’s what’s included in your download:

  • 4 high-res PNG logo files, including full-color, black and white, and transparent background options
  • 12 vector logo files (4 each of EPS, SVG, and PDF in the same color variations as PNG)
  • Business card designs you can customize and send to any printer
  • Brand guidelines that include your logo colors and fonts
  • Email signature templates with your logo and brand colors
  • Letterhead templates with your logo and brand colors
  • Full commercial ownership

What customers are saying about our logo maker

This was the second site I tried and the process was much easier to navigate. It was really enjoyable to design the logo on your site, and I’m so impressed with my final logo and the service. Having it in all the formats is so helpful. Thank you!

Jimmy & Co. Pet Services

I love the way the designs are laid out in real-life settings, so you can really get an idea of how you want to portray your business. I tried some other online logo design sites out there and yours is by far the best. Plus, I received great support and customer service before, during and after my purchase.

Dads Gone Digital

I loved how simple and customizable this logo maker was — and all that with world-class quality of design! I’m so glad I found you. You’ve saved me so much additional work and stress, and delivered an end product better than I could’ve got anywhere else paying 10x as much.



Are you actually free? How?

Yes, we allow users to design and download logos for free. You might be wondering, why? What’s the catch? How do you make money? Well, the answer is, we’ll eventually look at making money through offerings like a printing service and other logo and branding add-ons, and take a small portion of that revenue. But we’ll always let you design and download logos for free (it’s our name, after all!).

How do I know my design is original?

Good question! Many online logo makers use templates, which make the designs they generate limited and (often) unoriginal, even when they’ve been edited. 

Our logo maker takes a unique approach by combining the logo elements you prefer (color, font, layout, symbol, and more) with design rules. This combination of inputs and rules means we can create more original designs than many other logo makers. And you can customize these designs even further for amazing results!

How do I receive my logo package?

After you’ve finished designing a logo, click Download and create an account if you haven’t already. You’ll be able to download all your logo files in a zip file — easy peasy!

What logo files do I get?

We give you high-quality PNG and vector logo files in multiple color variations (full-color, color on transparent background, black on transparent background, white on transparent background). This means you can use your logo absolutely anywhere!

Do I own my logo design?

Yes! You’ll have commercial ownership of your unique (full) logo design — but like every other logo maker out there, you won’t own the individual elements of your design (like your typography, symbol, etc.). 

If you need a legally binding trademark to prevent others from using your logo, please contact the copyright/trademark office in your country.

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