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If there’s ever been a business that has to instill trust in its customers, it’s a bank. That’s why you need to build your bank’s credibility, first and foremost with the services you provide, but also with your brand visuals. A high-quality bank logo is easy to recognize at a glance and communicates professionalism, experience, and trustworthiness to prospective clients.

You need a timeless logo to attract your target audience (mature retirees, young families, first-time investors, etc.) and help you compete with legacy banks around the world. Browse design inspiration from existing banks, then use our online logo maker to generate unique logo ideas of your own. Edit color palette, symbol, typography, and more with our easy editor. And, since we know you care about the dollars and cents — our logos are 100% free to download!

Bank logo design inspiration

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Bank logo design tips

Color palette

Leverage your logo’s color palette to build trust. Common choices in the banking world are navy blue, forest green, black, and other dark, muted colors. These are thought to communicate stability, professionalism, and trustworthiness. But if you’re looking for something a little more out of the box, try livening up your palette with more vibrant colors like bright blue or orange. One caution though – avoid trendy color combinations that won’t stand the test of time. Before you get started on your logo, take a look at the colors some of the long-standing banks have chosen. Then try color combinations of your own!


Bank logos often choose symbols that represent their geographic location, history, or values. These can be literal or abstract representations. For example, if your bank headquarters are on the West Coast, you might consider a simple sunset symbol. If your bank name includes a specific item, say Key Financial, you might choose to include a small key next to the name.


When it comes to financials, people expect a certain level of predictability. They want to know that you’re experienced, not a new startup looking for a quick buck. To ensure your bank is viewed as a premium brand, we recommend avoiding script  or textured fonts, as these can appear unprofessional. Instead, try classic serif or san serif fonts, and experiment with boldness and size.

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