Animal logo design ideas

Whether you run a dog-walking service, sell cat food in bulk — or are a business that has an animal in its name or as its mascot — creating an animal logo design is undeniably fun. With so many different animals to choose from, and different styles of font and color, it’s easy to be creative.

My Free Logo Maker helps you brainstorm animal logo ideas and then perfect a design that’s ideal for your business. To get started, check out our collection of animal logo design inspiration, then use the logo generator to start experimenting with ideas of your own — it’s fast, easy, and fun.

Animal logo design inspiration

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Tips for creating an epic animal logo design

Color palette

When it comes to animal logo colors, there are two routes you can take: using the true colors of an animal (like orange for a fox or brown for a bear) or using completely unrelated colors, like pink for a cow or purple for a squirrel. Both can work well, depending on the message and personality you want your logo to communicate.


Choosing a symbol for your animal logo is fun, especially because there are a few different approaches you can take. You could opt for the exact animal your business is related to — a rabbit, for example. Or, you might choose instead to use symbol that’s related to the animal; for example, a carrot symbol could work well for Rabbit Studios.


When you choose a font for your animal logo, consider what line of work you’re in and the personality you want to portray to the public. For example, Aardvark Analytics will probably require a more serious, professional font than Platypus Party Planning. For companies wanting to convey playfulness and fun, a hand-drawn style font might be perfect. For a professional feel, we typically recommend a modern, sans-serif font.

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