Clothing logo design tips

Our clothes tell a story about us. They can imply status, style, athleticism— all in a single glance. So whether you’re starting a brand new clothing line or opening a clothing boutique, your clothing (and clothing logo) should represent the quality and personality of your brand. 

Whether for activewear or couture, t-shirts or jeans, create a unique clothing logo that will help you gain loyal customers and fans. Start by browsing logo ideas to see what other clothing brands are doing, then try out our logo generator to get started with ideas of your own. You can tweak every detail with our easy editor and try as many ideas as it takes to find a winner.

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Color palette

Your color palette says a lot about your business. Many sportswear companies choose red as a primary color in their logo, as it symbolizes energy and action. But a high-end fashion business may opt for a more neutral palette to convey class and sophistication. Try experimenting with different combinations to see what feels right, and be sure to see how your clothing logo will look on a variety of backgrounds.


Some clothing brands choose to a symbol or monogram as a key element of the logo. If this is you, get creative! Try using a symbol that relates to the type of clothing you sell – a tree for eco-friendly, a mountain for hiking apparel, and so on. For higher-end brands, a monogram logo could be just the look you’re going for.


Your typography communicates the personality and style of your clothing. For example, initials in a script font could be a good choice for businesswear (think collared shirts), where a retro font might work well for casual vintage sweatshirts. Experiment with different fonts in our easy-to-use editor – there’s no limit to how many you can try.

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