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If you’ve got a podcast, you’ve got a message. And you’ve got to get it out there! What better way to attract attention to your podcast than with an attractive, professional-looking logo? Whether you provide a weekly sports update, interviews with health professionals, or stand-up comedy acts, you need a logo that’ll turn heads and cause people to choose you in a sea of listening options.

My Free Logo Maker is a fast and easy way to bring your logo ideas to life. Check out a few podcast logos for design inspiration, then start crafting your own unique design.

Podcast logo design inspiration

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Color palette

Do you provide listeners with the latest and greatest financial advice? You might consider using green, gold, or black to represent money. If you tell jokes and generally spread positive vibes and good cheer, give bright orange or yellow a try. Aim to match your color palette to your genre to help potential listeners quickly identify the focus and tone of your content.


To ensure your podcast stands out in a sea of covers, choose a standout symbol. Podcasters frequently choose some variation of a microphone or speaker to make it abundantly clear what they do, but you don’t have to be confined to these! If you talk sports, consider a symbol that relates – a hockey stick, basketball, or even a trophy could work well. Our logo maker has endless variations of symbols from all different categories and styles.



Your font choice is a way for you to communicate your style of show to listeners. A heavy, bold font can imply confidence and leadership, just as a lighter, thin font might appear modern and trendy. Make sure the font you choose is readable at a small size, as most people will be looking at your podcast logo/cover on their phone — and you want to get your name out as clearly as possible!

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