Artist logo design ideas

Whether you’re working with watercolor, charcoal, clay, or another medium, you know how to bring art to life. Chances are, you’ve got a good eye for design, too. Creating your own artist logo will be fun! As you consider what style of logo you want to represent you, think about what you want people to know about your work. Do you create thought-provoking pieces with deep hidden meanings? Realistic natural landscapes? Detailed portraits? Whatever your style, your logo will be the face of your business and should represent your work well.

Browse through our collection of artist logos for design inspiration, then use the online logo maker to generate ideas of your own. You can tweak and edit every detail until it’s something you’re proud to show off next to your work!

Artist logo design inspiration

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The design is in the details

Color palette

You already know how important a color palette is — now it’s time to apply it to your logo design! First, think about your primary style of art. If you paint mountainscapes with rich green pine trees and sparkling emerald lakes, you might consider greens and blues for your logo. But if you create more edgy, modern art, a lime green, hot pink, or fire engine red could make a statement. Always remember to test your design in black and white to ensure you like it!



As an artist, you may gravitate toward abstract or literal symbols. Both are great options! We recommend considering your own style of work and choosing a symbol to represent it. Maybe a paintbrush, pencil, or easel, if you want to go literal. Or a geometric shape if abstract is more appealing. You can also skip a symbol, or choose a monogram or initials to represent your work.



Your font choice can convey a certain style and emotion to your customers or admirers. Bold, heavy fonts can appear mysterious and even a bit harsh, but this might be perfect for your modern charcoal masterpieces. An elegant script font can appear softer and sophisticated, ideal for the classic oil paintings you’ll display in a gallery.

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