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Think of your favorite automobile brand. The logo is likely simple yet iconic, small yet instantly recognizable as you drive past it on the highway. The quality of an auto logo becomes representative of the quality of the car. The same is true for a dealership, auto repair shop, or other branch of the industry. Your auto logo should be as smooth as the car or service itself. 

Learn from the pros when creating your own auto logo design: BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz all convey quality and prestige. Browse our auto logo gallery for ideas, then use our free logo maker to cruise your way to the perfect design.


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Color palette

Standout auto logo design requires the right color palette. You can convey speed, luxury, dependability, and more — all through your color choices! Black and silver are popular industry colors, and work well with nearly any background color. But if you want your customer to think speed, consider red, or for trustworthiness and stability, try blue.


Most auto logo designs use a letter or abstract symbol to represent the brand, and use a distinct design style to differentiate from competitors. Think of Hyundai versus Honda: they both use the letter “H”, but one is upright and one is slanted. One is enclosed within a circle and the other within a square. When creating your own auto logo, try different angles and shapes. Even small tweaks to your symbol can transform your design.


Auto logo designs must be recognizable at a glance, so make sure yours is easy to read! Successful auto logos use both serif (flourishes on the letters) and sans serif (no flourishes on the letters) fonts; for example Ferrari and Ford use serif, while Jaguar and Tesla use sans serif. Be sure to experiment with both in your design to see what works best for your business.

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