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As a DJ, you know your name is everything. It’s how fans (and prospective clients) will get to know you and your music. To get gigs — be it radio, nightclub, or your neighbor’s bar mitzvah — you’ve got to get your name out to the masses. And the best way to stand out from your  competitors is with a high-quality, custom logo.

Before you start designing, browse logo inspiration below from artists of different styles and genres. Then head to our free online logo maker to generate DJ logo ideas you can fully customize in our easy-to-use editor.

DJ logo design inspiration

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How to create a hit-worthy DJ logo

Color palette

When choosing a color palette for your logo, consider what would appeal to your audience and get them energized. Do you specialize in techno beats at nightclubs? Bright neon orange and highlighter yellow might be the right fit. Weddings? Consider a black and white base with a pop of color to keep it more versatile. In general, it’s a good idea to include at least one bright color, but nothing too trendy that will go out of style. Or opt for classic black and white!



Symbols provide clues into what type of performer you are — rock ‘n roll, pop, house. They also help distinguish your business from your competitors. Make sure your symbol adds to the uniqueness of your logo without distracting from your name. You want your fans to remember your name so you can gain followers and get recommendations!



Just like colors and symbols, your typography can help hint at your music specialty. For example, soft rock might work well with a gentle and elegant font. But heavy metal? That requires much more boldness. For maximum legibility, we recommend avoiding script or anything that’s hard to read at smaller sizes.

How to make your DJ logo

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