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People spend hours each day watching their favorite TV shows and developing emotional connections with fictional characters. So if you’re in the business of TV — as a TV channel, video production company, script writing service, etc. —and want to stand out in this diverse market, you need a professional, entertaining, and eye-catching TV logo design.

Capture your audience’s attention with the perfect combination of color palette, symbol, and typography in your TV logo design. Browse our collection of logo design inspiration to see what’s working for others in the entertainment industry, then use My Free Logo Maker to generate unique logo ideas of your own.

TV logo design inspiration

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Color palette

When it comes to the entertainment industry, color palette is a wild card. It all depends on the type and style of content. If you produce short holiday TV specials, you might choose bright colors that evoke feelings of joy and contentment. But if you run a TV channel that only shows crime documentaries, a dark and mysterious palette like black, grey, and white is more fitting.


The most common symbol for TV logos is some variation of a TV box with antennae — somewhat ironic given that modern TVs don’t even have antennae! But antennae can actually provide a variety of options for your TV logo design. For example, instead of having a TV symbol as the central focus of your logo, try adding antennae over one of the letters of your wordmark. Or consider an old-fashioned film reel or mascot-like animal figure instead. Try a variety of symbols in your TV logo design to see what suits your business best.


There are all kinds of great font options for the TV industry. Bold, block letters might be perfect for your action-packed sports show. But fun bubble letters might be the best choice for a children’s TV casting agency. There’s a winning font out there for you, regardless of the style or focus of your business. Why not experiment with a few different options to see what feels right for your design?

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