We wanted to make a better free logo option

In the age of entrepreneurship and side hustles, making a top-quality logo should be easy, fun, fast, and cheap (or free!). You know your business best, and you have the vision for where it’s headed. My Free Logo Maker provides the tools you need to design an awesome logo, removing one more obstacle in getting your idea out into the world.

And yes, you can actually get a custom logo for zero dollars! Our free logo package provides you high-res PNG and vector files to get your business up and running, plus branded email signatures to look professional as you launch into your exciting your new venture.

What we believe

A logo shouldn’t slow you down

Yes, you need a logo to get things going. But we think you should focus your resources elsewhere — which is why we make it fast and free to get a quality design that’s easy to download and use.

Choices are important

The great thing about working with a designer is having the ability to say “I like this, but change that.” Our logo maker lets you do that! Seeing tons of logo variations helps you get to a design you love faster.

Free should actually mean free

We don’t mean our logo maker is just “free to use.” We mean that you get a (good!) free product — no strings attached. Design, download, don’t pay a cent. We promise.

Create a free logo that looks expensive