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Purple in branding

The color purple is typically associated with:

  • Royalty
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Wisdom
  • Generosity
  • Mystery
  • Magic
  • Independence
  • Nobility
  • Power
  • Select colors that represent your brand personality

    If you want your business to have a regal or noble air about it, a dark purple is an excellent color choice for your logo. Lighter or more muted shades of purple can also be used to communicate generosity or innovation.

    Keep it simple

    Purple is far less common than blue or green, so it can give your logo a distinct feel when used correctly. If you want your purple logo to feel royal, we recommend using a generous amount of the color in your logo. But if you want to give your logo just a touch of mystique, consider using purple for smaller elements or accents.

    Choose the right color combination

    Purple and pink typically feel very soft, feminine, and approachable. Purple and black on the other hand, can feel futuristic and tech-y. Or, if you’re searching for a combination that evokes wisdom and spirituality, try pairing purple with gold or white.

    How industries use purple


    Many churches, especially traditional or orthodox, use purple to convey spirituality and generosity.


    Some political organizations choose purple logos to communicate peace, trust, and wisdom.


    In marketing, purple is often used to imply creativity and innovation.

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