Pink logo ideas

Do you need a soft, playful, or feminine logo for your business? Pink logos can be attractive and unique in a variety of industries. Check out our collection of pink logo design inspiration below.

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Pink in branding

Pink is generally thought to mean:

  • Energy
  • Sweet
  • Cute
  • Playful
  • Romantic
  • Feminine
  • Tender
  • Charming
  • Love
  • Serenity
  • Select colors that represent your brand personality

    Bright pinks often feel fun, playful, and energetic. But if you want your pink logo to feel more tender, feminine, or romantic, a lighter shade might be a better fit. 

    Keep it simple

    In large quantities, bright pink has the potential to be overbearing or hard on the eyes. So if you want to use pink as your primary color, soft pink is usually best. But a vibrant hot pink can be stunning as a secondary color, especially paired with a neutral.

    Choose the right color combination

    The colors you pair can dramatically change the look and feel of your pink logo design. For example, pink and purple can feel soft and calming, but pink and black can feel more high energy or edgy.

    How industries use pink


    In the music industry, pink (usually paired with black) is often used to feel edgy and fun. 


    Because pink is often associated with femininity, the fashion industry sometimes uses it to target a young, female demographic. 


    In a personal logo, pink can be used to communicate individualism and creativity. 

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