Gold logo ideas

If you need a logo that feels high-class and has an air of luxury or prestige, gold is your color. Check out these brands for gold logo design inspiration.

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Gold in branding

Gold frequently evokes a sense of:

  • Illumination
  • Knowledge
  • Spirituality
  • Wealth
  • Wisdom
  • Power
  • Success
  • Prestige
  • Achievement
  • Triumph
  • Select colors that represent your brand personality

    If you want to give your gold logo an expensive, premium feel, a gradient or metallic might work. But for a vintage, heritage, classic feel, consider incorporating a “flat” gold into your logo design.

    Keep it simple

    Gold can be a tricky color to nail in logo design. Too much can feel overpowering, and if the shade isn’t quite right, gold can start to look muddy or cheap. For best results, use gold as an accent color and test your logo design at different scales and on various backgrounds to ensure the color stays true.

    Choose the right color combination

    The color you pair with gold can really change the feel of your logo. A few examples: A black and bright gold logo can exude wealth and power. Royal blue and gold feel more regal and noble. And a deep red paired with gold can feel quite vintage.

    How industries use gold


    In the jewelry industry, gold indicates luxury, high class, and high quality.


    Gold is often used in a team logo to honor the tradition or heritage of a team.


    In the restaurant industry, gold logos can give a premium, high-class feel (and can even subtly imply higher prices).

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