Green logo ideas

A green logo can feel fresh, energetic, and successful. Check out our logo design inspiration to see how other brands are using green in their logos, then create the ideal logo for your business.

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Green in branding

You’ll often see businesses using green to convey:

  • Growth
  • Freshness
  • Nature
  • Prosperity
  • Calmness
  • Safety
  • Renewal
  • Wealth
  • Generosity
  • Health
  • Select the right color to represent your personality

    If your business is all about helping others grow financially, a dark forest green might be the perfect fit. But if your business is in the tech industry, a bright bluish-green might be more eye-catching. In general, green logos are well suited to businesses focused on growth, finances, health, success, and progress.

    Keep it simple

    Green is a common color and there are endless shades available. And because of the wide range of options, even a slight change in shade can change how you communicate your message. Keep things clear by sticking to one shade of green in your logo.

    Choose the right color combinations

    Green paired with earthy tones can feel very environmental, whereas green and white can indicate wealth. Green and red are an obvious holiday pairing, but green and orange can feel fresh — ideal for a food-related businesses! Experiment with different combinations to find the right fit.

    How industries use green


    In the medical world, green indicates health and can even have a calming effect.


    A fresh green in the cannabis industry communicates a plant-based, organic, natural feel.


    Many banks and financial establishments use green logos to indicate success and wealth.

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