Black logo ideas

A black logo is a bold logo. See black logo design inspiration from other businesses and learn how to use black to your advantage.

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Black in branding

The color black is often used to communicate:

  • Mystery
  • Elegance
  • Evil
  • Authority
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Fear
  • Seriousness
  • Sophistication
  • Drama
  • Select colors that represent your brand personality

    In certain settings, a black logo design can feel edgy. Or it might give a timeless, classic feel. Because of its simplicity black is often used to communicate sophistication or minimalism.

    Keep it simple

    Black is a neutral color that can either make a statement on its own or act as a canvas for a contrasting color. Keep your logo simple by pairing black with one, maybe two contrasting colors.

    Choose the right color combination

    Because it’s a neutral color, black can be paired with pretty much any other color, and still provide a distinct feel. Black and white often feel minimal. Black and purple can feel innovative and techy. And black and gold or yellow can feel expensive or high class.

    How industries use black


    In the fitness industry, black logo design can feel edgy, energetic, and strong.  


    A black DJ logo can feel moody, edgy, and young, especially when the lights are low. 


    Sports teams often use black logos to appear intimidating and focused.

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