10 Delivery Logos That Stand Out on the Road

By Erin
4 min read
March 25, 2021

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020 and beyond, it’s that delivery services have become a big part of people’s lives.

While we automatically think of food and grocery delivery — a category that has seen enormous growth — there are so many other types of delivery businesses out there. From local couriers that deliver packages in all forms, to specialized services like cannabis, flower, laundry, or beer delivery, it’s becoming easier to get anything you want delivered — for yourself or someone else — quickly and efficiently.

No matter what type of item is being shipped, you’ll see some common characteristics in delivery logos, including:

  • Blocky, easy-to-read, sans-serif fonts that stand out on trucks, vans, shirts, and delivery bags
  • Bright, distinctive logo colors, especially oranges, reds, and greens
  • Symbols that convey movement, speed or a destination — think location pins, arrows, wings, or animals known for their swiftness

See below for 10 great examples of delivery logos.

1. Vroom Delivery

With a blocky font, a green-means-go color and a line-drawn wings symbol, this logo conveys speed and efficiency in one simple package.

Vroom delivery logo

2. Cour-yah!

What’s faster than a rocket? By placing the symbol in the middle of the company name, this logo conveys movement and speed — and there’s a touch of gradient in the symbol for visual interest.


Cour-yah! delivery logo

3. Propello 

The bold orange color and simple blocky font — with short-stemmed Ps to keep things compact — makes this a winning delivery logo, complete with a wings-shaped symbol.

4. Deliveroo

A super simplified graphic kangaroo symbol sits atop a lowercase wordmark, making this logo clear and recognizable on city streets.Deliveroo logo

5. Airpals

This same-day messenger/courier service based in NYC takes a more abstract symbol approach — note how the dot in the “i” is carried over to the symbol.

Airpals courier logo

6. Dolly

Sometimes a literal symbol really works. In this case, the “y” in the company name is the handle to a dolly symbol with two wheels. Cute, simple, to the point.

Dolly logo


7. QuickSilver

The rocket makes another appearance in this courier logo, which uses dark grey and bright orange to convey both seriousness and speed.

Quicksilver courier logo

8. Good Foot Delivery 

An in-motion shoe — complete with a lightning bolt and three lines for speed — convey movement in this stacked-text logo.

Good Foot Delivery logo

9. Daily Delivery 

Rabbits are known to be speedy creatures, and the rabbit in this logo has a mascot quality that makes it stand out (also: it’s the perfect shape for stickers!).

Daily Delivery logo

10. Local Eater 

This food delivery logo (made in My Free Logo Maker) conveys speed with a tilted van and a service bell. The red-pink color is punchy and easy to spot.

Food delivery logo example

Tips for making a delivery logo

Keep your company name short — Your name needs to be easy to read in a variety of settings — on vehicles, delivery bags, invoices, packing slips, and more. By keeping your name on the shorter side, you’ll ensure it’s adaptable across mediums. Use “Delivery” or “Courier” as your slogan if needed.

Find a symbol that matches your business — Don’t know exactly what symbol you’re looking for? No problem! Search “speed” or “delivery” in My Free Logo Maker to get ideas that you can refine until you’re happy.

Choose a blocky font and bold color — Use the Name and Color Palette menu items in the logo editor to test out different color variations to find one that makes you says, “Yes! That’s it!”

Making a delivery logo


In the age of convenience, it’s clear that delivery services are having a big moment — both in niche and bigger categories. If you’re thinking of starting a business, find your specialty and make a logo that stands out!

Ready to create a logo and take your brand to market?

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