7 Actually Free Logo Makers That Deliver High-Res Files

By Erin
18 min read
January 5, 2021

Most logo makers are free to try, but if you’re looking for one that delivers free files you can download and use commercially, your options are limited.

And even if you come across an actually free logo maker, most of them only deliver one low-res PNG file or “sample,” which isn’t very useful if you want your logo to look good everywhere.

That’s why we tried 7 platforms that offer 100% free logo downloads, to find out which ones are worth trying — because even if you don’t have to pay, time is money.

All the logo makers on this list deliver high-res PNG files, and some include a few different sizes and variations of your logo. A couple even give you free SVG files, which come in handy if you need to send your logo to a printer or designer.

Before we get into the details, here’s a quick overview of the logo makers in this roundup and the free logo downloads they offer:

Platform  Free Logo Download
Hatchful Logo Maker  16 high-res PNG files (1200px) 
Squarespace Logo Maker 3 high-res PNG files (up to 3000px) 
Namecheap Logo Maker 3 high-res PNG files (1000px) and 7 SVG files 
Ucraft Logo Maker 1 high-res PNG file (600px) with a transparent background 
Canva Logo Maker 1 high-res PNG file (500px) 
Jimdo Logo Maker  5 high-res PNG files and 1 SVG file 
My Free Logo Maker (*that’s us) 4 high-res PNG files and 12 vector logo files (EPS, SVG, PDF) 


1. Hatchful Logo Maker

Hatchful is part of the e-commerce giant Shopify, and dubs itself a “simple logo maker.” To get started, choose your type of business, your visual style (e.g. bold, classic, elegant), and where you’ll be using your logo. Hatchful then generates designs you can browse and edit.

While the generated logos aren’t terrible, this logo maker doesn’t let you select symbols, so you may end up with some random ones in your design (and you can’t change them). Case in point:

Hatchful free logo maker

That said, if you find a design with a symbol you like, you can click on it to browse font and color variations. Just note that you can’t make *that* many edits in this logo maker — for example, you can’t change spacing or symbol position, stack text, add new symbols, or make custom color changes.

One of the best parts of the Hatchful logo maker is the download you get at the end: a package of 16 high-res PNG files, sized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. While the files didn’t seem to download right away, they arrived by email immediately.

Hatchful logo maker what you get

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of the Hatchful logo maker.


  • Shows you multiple generated logo options, so you’re not just staring at a blank editor
  • Lets you see multiple font and color variations at once
  • Delivers multiple high-res PNG files, including a social media kit
  • Quick and easy to use, with files emailed to you right away


  • Provides generic-looking symbols based on the industry you select (and you can’t change them)
  • Very limited editing capabilities — you can’t move things around, choose custom colors, or rearrange layouts
  • Many designs don’t support slogans
  • Doesn’t provide vector files (only PNGs)

What you get:

16 high-res PNG logo files, including a version with a transparent background and files resized for social media and a favicon.

Worth a try?

Yes, but be prepared for a generic-looking, not-that-customizable design.

2. Squarespace Logo Maker

Continuing on the “website-builder-offering-a-free-logo-maker” train is Squarespace, the giant design company with ads that feature Idris Elba and Keanu Reeves. This might lead you to believe their logo maker will be *super slick*…but alas, it’s pretty basic.

Enter your company name and you’ll immediately get taken to a design editor, a blank drawing board with your company name and a basic symbol (e.g. a triangle). From here, you can search for a new symbol, add a tagline, and change fonts and colors by clicking on different elements of your logo.

Squarespace logo maker

You can also move elements around by dragging them, and change the color of your fonts and symbol with a color picker. At the bottom of the editor screen, you can see the logo you’re designing on a business card, website, and T-shirt — a good way to get a sense of how it will look in different settings.

When you’re ready to download, you’ll have to sign up for an account to get three high-res PNG downloads:

Squarespace logo maker download

Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of Squarespace’s free logo maker.


  • Lets you pick your own symbols from a wide selection
  • Basic but easy-to-use editor, with a drag-and-drop interface
  • It’s easy to change the color of the text and symbol, and add a tagline
  • Gives you three high-res files to download, including black and white color variations


  • Doesn’t provide multiple logo designs to choose from — you go straight into the editor after entering your company name, which can make it hard to get design ideas
  • No option to add a shape or background color to your logo (only provides transparent background options)
  • Logos can be generic looking — it gives you the design elements to make a logo, but not a lot of ideas for combining them
  • The downloaded logo looked different from what was in the editor, so there may be downloading issues; no vector files provided.

What you get:

3 high-res PNG logo files (you can pick/adjust the resolution, up to 2000px) — colored, black, and white, all on a transparent (no color) background

Worth a try?

No — because there aren’t any generated options, this logo maker feels like starting from scratch in a design program. And your logo might not download correctly. 🙁

3. NameCheap Logo Maker

NameCheap is an established domain provider and website hosting service, and its free logo maker helps build awareness of the company’s authority in the website space. To their credit, they’ve done a good job of offering a solid service for new businesses!

Start by entering your company name and choosing font styles you like (you’ll be presented three options at a time). Then pick a color, add an optional slogan, choose up to three icons, and you’ll soon be presented with a variety of options — no account required.

Namecheap logo results

While Namecheap’s logo options are on the basic side, plenty of them are nice and simple and many wordmark (text-only) options are presented. Click a logo to play around with color, icons, and layout, and preview your design on business cards, T-shirts, and a website.

It’s easy to see different design variations, but when it comes to layout or spacing adjustments, the editor is more limited (e.g. you can’t stack text or move the symbol around that much). When you’ve settled on a design you like, you have to sign up for an account to download your logo.

Namecheap logo maker

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of Namecheap’s logo maker.


  • Simple and attractive generated logos and variations, including both combination and wordmark options
  • Easy-to-use logo editor, including nice-looking color variations (and some gradients)
  • Provides info about your logo colors and fonts
  • Gives you free PNG and SVG files, as well as a text-only option if your logo includes a symbol


  • Some downloaded logos look wonky — e.g. symbol placement looks different in the downloaded logo than it did in the editor, particularly with SVG files
  • The download doesn’t include a logo with a transparent background, which you usually need when using your logo on different applications
  • Layout options are limited and you can’t adjust the spacing or positioning of elements in your logo
  • There’s no undo button

What you get:

3 high-res PNG logo files (1000px in full color, sizes for social banner and profiles) and 7 SVGs in various colors

Worth a try?

Yes, because of the solid editing experience and the fact that you get SVGs and PNGs in your download.

4. Ucraft Logo Maker

Ucraft is another website builder that offers a free logo maker in the hopes that you’ll use their service to make a website (notice a theme?!). There’s no “pick your preferences” process here — after you click “Create a logo,” you end up on a blank editor page where you can add an icon, text, and shapes.

It’s a bit intimidating to stare at a blank page with no suggestions, but if you know what you want, you can start playing around.

Ucraft logo maker

While the drag-and-drop editor boasts “more than 1 million icons,” the font choice is limited, as is your choice of layouts. You can adjust the color on the text and icons, and highlight your full logo to “snap” elements to a grid, e.g. centered.

A toggle at the bottom of the screen lets you see what your logo looks like on a dark or white background, which is useful, and there’s a preview function, but it didn’t seem to be working when we tried it. To download your logo, click “Preview” and then create an account.

Here are the pros and cons of the Ucraft logo maker.


  • Flexible drag-and-drop editor
  • Good icon selection
  • Undo/redo buttons and the ability to view your logo on white and black backgrounds
  • The logo comes in a transparent background format, which is useful


  • No questionnaire to get an idea of your business or the colors/icons you want
  • Not user-friendly— a big blank screen is intimidating, and there’s no layout suggestions or generated options to choose from
  • You can’t have a colored background (only transparent)
  • Only 8 font options to choose from

What you get:

1 high-res PNG logo file (600px) with a transparent background

Worth a try?

No. If you’re going to design from scratch in a blank editor, you might as well try Squarespace’s logo maker because the experience is a bit better and you get more files (and higher-res ones at that).

5. Canva Logo Maker

It’s no surprise that Canva, a leader in the DIY design space, offers logos. Like the rest of their platform, users can start with free or paid logo design templates and customize from there. Instead of answering a questionnaire, you start in a blank editor and click a logo template you like (categorized by industry, e.g. food and drink, sports).

Canva logo maker editor

The editor is pretty simple to use — click on elements in your chosen template to change colors, text, and delete shapes. Because you’re starting with a fairly generic design, it’s hard to get the logo to look unique, and you can’t make a lot of dramatic changes or see variations of the design you’re working in. But there are plenty of fonts and symbols to choose from, even if a lot of the imagery doesn’t feel particularly logo-friendly.

Overall, the logo-making experience in Canva doesn’t feel much different than making any other design (e.g. poster, invitation) on the platform — which is a bit disappointing, since a logo requires a different style of design.

Canva logo maker screenshot

Here’s a rundown of the Canva logo maker.


  • You don’t have to sign up to try the platform
  • Offers lots of fonts, icons, and colors (though many icons wouldn’t work well in a logo)
  • The editor is easy to use, even though you can’t do a lot of customization
  • You can try animating your logo


  • There’s no questionnaire or generated logo options to choose from — you’re on your own to pick a free generic logo design template and customize it
  • The editor isn’t logo-specific, so it doesn’t feel different than designing a poster or an invitation in Canva
  • You can’t see different variations of your logo while you’re editing
  • We ran into some trouble when trying to download the logo, and you only get one version of the logo (a full-color design)

What you get: One PNG logo file (500px) with a colored background

Worth a try?

No. If you’re looking for a logo template and don’t care too much about customization, you could give it a shot. But because the user experience isn’t logo-specific — and you only end up with one file — there are better options out there.

6. Jimdo Logo Maker

The German-based website builder Jimdo has jumped on offering a free logo maker to prospective users. And it’s pretty good! Enter your business name, your business type, and a template as a starting point. Then pick an icon, layout, font, and color scheme (preset or custom) that you like.

While there’s no real “editor” in this logo maker, the step-by-step design process makes things simple, and you can preview your designs on business cards, images, and a website (remember: this is a website builder!).

Jimdo free logo maker

It’s nice to isolate each element of the logo as you’re designing it, and the ease of use is great, even if the logos are more simple and less custom than on a site with a logo editor. When you’re ready to download, sign up for an account and pick the “logo only” option.

Jimdo free logo download screen

This is one of the easiest free logo makers to use — here’s a summary.


  • Easy, step-by-step process, with lots of good design options — it’s hard to make a terrible design
  • The free download includes a symbol only version of your logo — great for a favicon!
  • You get SVG and PNG files in your download
  • The company is clear you can use your logo for commercial purposes


  • Can’t do a high level of customizing, as there’s not a traditional editor — you just keep picking selections you like
  • Can’t see variations on a logo you like (e.g. different colors, symbols, etc.)
  • Can’t adjust spacing or sizing
  • Downloaded logos don’t have padding, which can make it harder to use on different platforms

What you get:

3 high-res PNG logo files (around 1500px), including a white version, plus a resizable SVG file and 2 smaller high-res logo files for social. This site is also very clear that you have full commercial usage rights, which isn’t always the case with other free logo makers.

Worth a try?

Yes. If you’re looking for something quick and simple (a.k.a. not super customized/unique), this logo maker could give you what you’re looking for. And it’s hard to mess up, which is a definite plus.

7. My Free Logo Maker

Hey, it’s us! To get started with My Free Logo Maker, enter your industry and we’ll curate a bunch of logos for you to look at for inspiration. Pick a few you like, choose colors and symbols, enter your company name — and boom, you’ll end up with an endless scroll of generated logos to browse through.

You can “favorite” logo options from the generated logos page, or click on one you like to automatically save it and start editing.

My Free Logo Maker generated logos

Once you’re in the editor, you have a lot of options for customizing your logo. Browse through the menu to see variations on layout, color palette, symbols, containers, and more. You can always undo or use the handy “history” tab if you make an edit you’re not happy with.

Free logo editor

Obviously, we think this logo maker is swell, but we’d love you to be the judge!


  • Quick guided process to get generated logo ideas
  • Custom editor lets you change (and see variations for) colors, fonts, symbols, layouts, and more
  • Full commercial usage
  • You get PNG and SVG files, plus color variations and a branded email signature


  • No drag-and-drop editor (though there’s a reason for this)
  • With so many good options, it can be hard to choose a favorite

What you get:

4 high-res PNG logo files (full-color, color with transparent background, black with transparent background, white with transparent background), 12 vector logo files (4 each of EPS, SVG, PDF, in the same color variations as PNG), plus branded email signature options you can copy and paste into your email program (full breakdown here).

Worth a try?


After trying MANY free logo makers, the ones that stand out are Namecheap, Jimdo, and My Free Logo Maker (yep, that’s us). Each of these deliver quality logo designs with multiple high-res files, all for $0.

In short: if you’ve been thinking of using a free logo maker, don’t bother with one that only delivers a single, low-res file (ahem, DesignEvo, Wix, etc.). As you can see from this list, there are other free options that deliver a LOT more value, helping you redirect those dollars to growing your business.

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